Gacha Foundation

Oct 05 2016

We’ve always had a love affair with our Gacha’s so it was really wonderful to go back to Cameroon and visit the amazing women who make these beautiful shoes.

The Twins for Peace Gacha collection came about during Maxime’s visit to Cameroon when he visited the ‘Jean- Felicien Gacha Foundation’. The foundation was created in 2002 with the aim to educate and provide skilled artisanal training to villagers in order to provide them with better opportunities.

Beading has been an art form in Cameroon for centuries and part of the Gacha foundation’s work is to preserve the ‘savoir-faire’ of these women who create beautiful objects with beads. From knowledge passed down through generations, the Twins for Peace Gacha collection was born.

Each of these limited edition sneakers takes about 50 hours of sewing. Each bead is meticulously hand-sewn directly onto the canvas following our designs.

Staying true to our Be Cool Be Good philosophy, we donate a percentage of our sales to the Gacha foundation to help support the artisanal work.

However, due to local production constraints and increasing demand from our customers, we have moved part of the production to India where the design and handmade process is still respected.

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