Twins for Peace x Intersections – Paul Frank Wagner

Oct 05 2016

Twins for Peace had the chance to participate in the latest installation by artist Paul Frank Wagner (PFW) .

For his current work, PFW has chosen the rope as a main element, for its texture, its accessibility, recycling and especially the ability to connect with each of the elements of both free and distinct while promoting an art free of any structural or conventional constraint.

The current installation is exposed in Cloister Billets (75004), the last existing Paris Medieval church as PFW wanted a unique setting for his work. The installation is composed of strings of 14 of different colors inspired by the Parisian metro. Every color tells its own story, his vision, a person, a life, a cause, an experience.

Each string is paraded through the Marais and one of them includes a stops at our shop at 88 rue Vieille du Temple.

Paul Frank Wagner will celebrate the European Night of Museums on Saturday 17 May at the Cloister of billets. The artist will cut the strings of this installation and thank the City of Paris in a silent auction during which you can become the owner of a PFW.

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